Our history

Les Filles d'Ailleurs is a women's ready-to-wear brand, founded in Paris in 2006 by designer Gabriela Lissillour.

Originally from Bucharest, Romania, Gabriela obtained her degree in Economics in Germany and joined the BMW company as an international buyer within different entities, in particular the Formula 1 competition department.
During these 7 years, she acquired solid business experience.
But even if she loves glamor and speed, she nevertheless feels a lack. Always having a passion for design and the habit of creating her own clothes to dress differently, she moved to Paris and launched her own clothing line.
Accustomed to constantly modifying her environment like the setting of “plays”, she notes that the notion of “home” is no longer linked to a single place. Moving has become second nature. Thus, the brand takes the name...
Girls from Elsewhere.
Using natural materials and a romantic, yet functional cut,
the brand expresses a certain timelessness and strives to give each piece a tactile dimension.
With attention to detail and a subtle way of emphasizing feminine elegance, each piece in the collection tells the story of inner beauty. It is with discreet refinement, refined cuts and a delicate silhouette that Gabriela seeks to create an elegant image for women eager for change.